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Speedball Tips
Here are some tips on playing speedball. First and foremost, make sure you learn ALL the rules, and know how the game is played before even stepping foot on paintball field.  Try to practice moves and strategies ahead of time, and learn the right way to slide and dive - before your first real match. It's very important that you  stay safe while playing - make this your first priority with a good set of paintball goggles, knee and elbow pads and a barrel cover for your paintball gun. You should also know how to quickly reload your hopper without spilling your whole pod - and be able to do this on the go! When you first walk onto the field, you want to look like you know what you're doing, at least a little bit - dress the part, get a paintball jersey and maybe some matching pants.  Also while on the field, know the positions such as back man, middle man, and so on.  You need to know where you are so you can communicate and cover your teammates.  It is important to know the names of the bunkers such as dorito, temple, and many others.  Be aware of your position, so you know where to look, and move while playing.  Remember to never let your guard down.  If you don't pay attention for one second, you could be out of the game.  Always constantly scan the field for players.  Know where your enemies are, but also know where your teammates are, so if they get out, you know to cover their position. So remember.... before playing speedball - know the rules, the field, and positions (including the positions of yourself and teammates). The most important thing to remember is to have fun!
Mike Morton, Team Trinity

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