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Super Realistic Military Paintball Action!
At first you might think, "why would anyone want a 5oz. CO2 cylinder - it's too small to do anything with?".  Actually, the
5oz. CO2 Cylinder from RAP4 has a very specific purpose.... it fits perfectly inside the buttstock to be used with the patented flexi-air system that now comes standard on all T68 paintball markers, the most realistic military replica paintball gun.  The 5oz. cylinder boasts 200+ shots for .68 caliber markers and a whopping 500+ shots for .43 caliber paintball guns.  Comparatively, MilSig paintball guns also have a similar air system that allows you to carry your air inside the buttstock of their K-Series markers.  However their biggest air tank is a 90g (or 88g disposable) CO2 tank and this is much smaller, giving you much less shots.  They also carry a carbine buttstock that houses a 13 HPA tank (or a 3.5oz. CO2 cylinder) however this is also significantly smaller than the 5oz. CO2 Cylinder.  You can also get a great deal on the 5oz. CO2 Cylinder when you purchase it along with the carbine buttstock (5oz. Cylinder + Buttstock package).  The great news is this combination (5oz. Cylinder + buttstock) will fit the T68 and the MilSig K Series markers.  For the most realistic paintball games, you want to change magazines only - not air.  This system has enough air capacity for 20+ magazines (with the T68 and MilSig markers).  You can rig a 90 degree remote line adaptor to connect a remote line to the marker while still having the air tank inside the stock, giving you an instant-backup option should your internal tank run out at a critical moment.  To do this, you will need a 90 Degree One Way Valve.  You can buy this product at a great price at along with the T68 5oz. CO2 Cylinder + Buttstock package.

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