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The Pinokio Hopper

Have you seen the new Pinokio Electronic Hopper? They're the balls!  They carry a lot of them too!  It's actually a 2 in 1 hopper.  The regular sized loader is for your speedball gun and holds 250 rounds.  You can add the 'Pinokio' addition for your tactical paintball gun and add a whopping 140 more paintballs!  You get the 140 round attachment with the loader - for the same amount of money; you don't have to pay anything extra for it.  This is a super fast electronic loader that will allow you to carry a crazy 400 paintballs.  The Pinokio shoots 30 balls per second and is very battery freindly; 2 nine volt batteries will rip through 37+ cases of paintballs!  The money you save on batteries alone will soon pay for the thing!  It's very reasonably priced too and you find great deals on them right now for the holiday sale at 

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