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Paintball Marker Upgrade Kits

If you're thinking of buying a new paintball gun but don't want to fork out the dough yet, consider purchasing an upgrade kit instead.  A 'kit' is a package of items you can buy that will fit onto your current paintball marker to make it look or act different.  For example, you can buy an AK47 Kit for your Tippmann 98 that will include everything you need to add to your current gun to make it look just like an AK47 - without having to buy a whole new gun!  They make kits for almost all paintball guns, but they're mostly for tactical/scenario paintball.  Some kits will just add a certain look to your gun, while others will improve the performance as well.  ChoicePaintballGuns sells a Tippmann A5 M4 Carbine Complete Upgrade Kit that will not only turn your A5 into an awesome realistic looking M4, but will also upgrade the internals of your gun (it's also for a great price!).  Many times adding a kit to your paintball gun will bring new life to an old, beat up friend who you may have grown tired of.  There are many kits to choose from too; you can turn your paintball marker into a sniper, AK47, M4 Carbine, CQB or combinations of any of these.  With all the new gun parts and accessories there are nowadays, you can also put together your own kit.... pick out a different handguard, buttstock, add a few rails and a scope, maybe a laser or a flashlight; you can even add a magazine expansion chamber or carry handle.  If you get tired of the same old paintball gun, consider adding a kit to dress it up as something different or improve it's performance before spending all the money on a brand new gun!

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