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Help or hurt? There is always a brewing debate on chest protectors; a chest protector is made from a wide range of materials that are meant to protect you from the sting and welts associated with getting hit by a paintball.  Overall, a chest protector is a great piece of equipment, but mostly used by rookies who are afraid of getting hit.  After playing for a while, you will get hit enough times to know what to expect and this alone takes some of the sting out of it.  There's benefits to remembering the sting of a paintball - you move quicker and actively keep from being a target!

It is my personal opinion that the cons of chest protectors outweigh the pros a bit.  Chest protectors are bulky; they restrict movement and make you a bigger target.  Chest protectors do a great job for the chest, back and torso, but the arms, legs and neck are still exposed.  Movement is a huge factor in any type of paintball, can be fairly restricted by chest protectors; it's hulking mass can easily rub against your arms, making you slower, louder and heavier.  When you’re louder, your effectiveness in woodsball decreases because opponents can hear you coming, not only giving away your location but also giving them time to get ready.  Being heavier is a huge burden, slowing you down and tiring you faster.  This paintball protective equipment is not essential but does help you break into the sport a bit easier.

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