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Benefits of a Tactical Vest
There are many benefits of wearing a
tactical vest during paintball.  First of all, it is a great way of carrying a large amount of ammo.  This is important when playing in a large scenario game; in most of the ones I've played in, I had to carry most of my paintballs with me when I went out on a mission.  Besides, the more you can carry, they less time you have to spend re-fueling.  Another benefit is comfortability.  Paintball harnesses only wrap around your waist and puts the weight of the pack on your hips; but you need your hips free so you can run.  This is why I would much rather be wearing a tactical paintball vest as opposed to a paintball harnessTactical vests put the weight evenly around your torso and shoulders making running much easier and more comfortable.  I also feel that wearing a paintball vest makes me more mobile, and prepared because they have other pouches so you can carry many other useful paintball supplies.  At you can buy tactical vests that have map pouches, name tags, paintball gun magazine pockets, CO2 tank pouches and even paintball pistol holsters.  They also have tons of different colors to choose from and great prices!  
Matt Kresch, Team Trinity

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