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Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

Example of Good Sponsorship Request Letter

Hello, we are Vindictive Fallout a paintball team from Attleboro, Massachussetts. We are currently playing at the rookie level and looking to move up to novice by the end of the season. We normally practice at Providence Indoor Paintball or Monster paintball on a weekly basis. We are currently a 3-Man team and plan on staying that way for the near future. We had 3 sponsorships last year but they are currently expired so we are looking for new ones to represent this year. Mike Koehnke and Pat Duffy co-founded the team and share everything that this team is and does.

We established our team in the summer of 2008 just before the 08 paintball season ended and went through a building process for the remainder of the year. During that time we searched for one more player that we wanted and finally found him, Chris Miller. We did 3 events before the year wrapped up and finished in the top third of all teams, including one third place finish. This may not seem like much of an accomplishment, but at that point we were still building team chemistry. This year we’re ready to make an impact and have revamped our setups and supplies. We put a lot of time into this team and will not disappoint.

With paintball being an expensive sport, sponsor s are key in maintaining a successful team. We picked out a handful of companies that we are looking to represent and you are one of them. As representatives of your company and products you will be placed on our website, pbnation accounts, gear, and any other place possible. But most importantly we will perform well for you, therefore associating you with a successful team. With this being said we are not a greedy team, and would be happy with any discount, items, or support that your budget would allow. Below are some of the finer details about our team and hope you will take the time to consider our offer and respond.
Gun Setups:
Pat: DLX Luxe, Dye Rotor, 48/4500 ANS tank
Mike: Dangerous Power G3, Dye Rotor, 48/4500 ANS tank
Chris: Proto PM6, Halo V35, 68/4500 Crossfire tank
Sean (Alternate) : 08 Ego

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