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Military Style Missions

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of participating in the sport of paintball is to play it with a specific objective in mind. These "missions" can range from the simple (Elimination) to the elaborate (multiple day scenario missions - like 'D-Day'). Often times, missions are part of a much larger Scenario Game, which can involve as many as several thousand players and last for 24+ hours. Your team may get assigned several missions; one right after the other. By successfully competing a number of pre-planned missions, the paintball team with the most points wins the game. Remember you may also have to accomplish your missions in a certain time frame; you may also have several missions to do, so you will have to accomplish them as quickly as possible so you can move on to the next one. After mastering some of the more common missions, many platers find it challenging to create and play their own Army-style missions. An excellent resource for creating and playing missions online or adapting them for paintball play is This site contains all the tools you'll need to create your own game and missions; this information can help paintballers enhance their skills in a variety of locations, weather and lighting conditions. You can also visit and check out their 'paintball game variations' section for a wide variety of mission options and scenario play ideas.

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