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If your Paintball Team wants to survive in competitive games, have players that partner and protect one another throughout the match.  One of the most common strategies during an attack is the assault that features the utility player or back player and the point man....  When teams launch an offensive, the point man leads the assault towards the opposing team's end of the field, while the back player provides mostly cover fire.  Without the support of the back player, the point man would not get very far before being knocked out of the game.  The back player also communicates movements of the enemy to the point man and the tape runner, and shoots at the opposing players who represent a threat.  The back players in these games generally use the most paintballs.  Some markers that back players use to protect their teammates include the Tippmann X7 Phenom or T68 Gen7; both with electronic triggers of course (so they have the option of full auto).  Another good idea is to give the back players an APEX barrel for their gun so they can direct their shots better.  A Flatline barrel also shoots much straighter and farther and can be used for any Tippmann paintball gun; these are a very smart accessory for a back player.

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