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The 2011 Proto Reflex Rail is the latest high end performance gun from Proto.  For a gun of this caliber, it’s a real bargain priced in the $450-$500 range.  It comes with so many features standard that you have to add on to other guns.  The design is based on something very similar to the Dye Matrix series of markers.  Some of the coolest features are the anti-chop break beam eye system, LED program control with 4 tournament modes, an ultralight aluminum trigger and 150psi operating pressure with boost forward.  You will fall in love with how light the 2011 Proto Reflex Rail marker is; less than 2 pounds; the marker’s body is completely made of aluminum.  Super easy to wield and incredibly fast, this gun feels so natural in your hand, you won’t want to put it down.  Great for division 1, 2 or serious amateur players, this is a gun that’s best for gamers who’ve been playing for a while.  The 2011 Proto Reflex Rail is probably not the best choice for a brand newbie on the field; they will break it and not be able to respect it’s performance and craftsmanship.  Wonderful marker; highly recommend it; totally worth the money.
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