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Paintball Scopes

An excellent accessory to your tactical paintball gun is the addition of a paintball gun scope.  there are many different sizes and magnifications to choose from - how do you know which will fit your gun?  First you must choose how powerful you want it to be and what size.  Obviously larger paintball rifles can handle longer/bigger scopes, while you may want to use a shorter paintball gun scope (like a 1x30 Red Dot) on a paintball pistol.  Pistols hold lasers better than paintball scopes though.  Obviously, you will want a high-powered /larger scope for a sniper paintball rifle.  Check out for a great selection of different sights and paintball gun scopes.  Overall though, most scopes will fit most paintball guns.  You may also need to purchase a scope 'mount' to attach your scope to your gun.  Most standard mounts are called 'weaver style'.  Your paintball gun mount will also help you raise or offset your paintball gun scope if needed.  Depending on the scope, you may need to get 'scope rings' to mount it to your paintball gun.

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