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Tippmann paintball guns are some of the most reliable in the sport.  This and their low price points make them some of the most popular and highly sought after markers on the tactical paintball field.  Tippmann markers are perfect for woodsball and scenario paintball because of their ruggednes and customizability.  The Tippmann paintball gun line up includes the Custom 98, Tippmann A5, X7 and newest release, X7 Phenom.  Tippmann is also the father of the US Army Series paintball markers that include the Alpha Black, Project Salvo and latest on the scene, Carver One.  Another fantastic recent addition to the Tippmann family of tactical paintball gear is the TPX .68 caliber pistol.

With such a verying selection, it can be a difficult decision about which marker is best for you.  If your budget allows the best answer is 'Yes please, one of each will do!'  Overall, you can't go wrong with any of these guns as all of the important variables that make ua a quality marker are there - super sturdy, good warranty/service, easy to clean/maintain and tons of available parts, accessories & upgrades.  Tipppmann paintball guns are also very affordable.

Another great thing about Tippmann markers is there is so much variety/selection to choose from in the market place.  Several company's (like RAP4) produce and sell many after market barrels, handguards, scopes, buttstocks and other accessories that you can purchase already installed on the gun you want.  This way you won't have to build a Tippmann 98 sniper paintball gun, you buy it already put together.  You can also buy a package deal like this much cheaper than if you bought the base marker and the individual parts separately.

Choose a Tippmann paintball marker for your gun of choice to play scenario paintball.  At, we have a huge selection of every Tippmann marker package available.  We are dealers with Tippmann and RAP4, so our huge Tippmann paintball gear selection is always updated and on sale at great low prices.

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