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Scenario Paintball Games

Forget about cops and robbers or cowboys and indians!  Adults play scenario paintball - where they have the opportunity to be a soldier, a sniper, a navy seal, or even cowboy in the Wild West; and they get to use guns that actually shoot!  In scenario paintball, usually the terrain is a natural setting; a canyon, wooded area or even an old junkyard.  The playing fields and conditions are made to look like historic places, settings, or events.  In some of the larger scenario games, historic battles such as D-Day, the Battle of the Bulge, or even the Battle of Gettysburg are reinacted on the the paintball field.  Depending on the size of the game, the amount of detail may vary.  These games, however, can range anywhere from lasting five hours to several days at a time.

One of the major differences between scenario paintball and traditional style paintball is the type of paintball markers and gear used.  In traditional Speedball matches, only a paintball gun is needed and used to make straight line, somewhat close range shots.  For the most part, your enemy has to be in your line of sight in order to hit them and get them out.  In a scenario game, paintball landmines, grenades, and other such weapons not only add to the atmosphere of the game but offer more interesting ways of thrashing your opponent. Camo clothing and accessories to juice up your weapon - like a rifled barrel, scope or electronic trigger - all make the difference in scenario gaming.

Another major difference in traditional games and Scenario games is the number of players involved.  In scenario paintball games, sometimes the scenario will dictate how many people should be involved; for some games it's common to have over 100 players on the field at one time.  In scenario paintball, military missions is the name of the game.  In general, you will either be in a platoon of players or playing solo and you will go on a mission (or series of missions).  In Speedball, once you are out of the game you are out for good.  In scenario games, however, you are usually only out for ten to thirty minutes before you are allowed to reenter the game.  Rather than getting all of the opposing players out of the game to win, your team will have missions and objectives to complete in order to win.  These missions usually vary from game to game.

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