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Are There Serius Injuries In Paintball?

Well, paintball is a very physical sport, and involves running around, crawling, kneeling, and rolling.  If you can't do any of those, you might reconsider going paintballing. Other risks include being stupid and not wearing your paintball mask, thus exposing your eye to being shot out. Plus, men can get shot in the crotch, and women can get shot in the chest. I assure you this is no fun, so cups and chest protectors, respectively, are in order.  If you just want to wear several baggy shirts/paintball jerseys this also seems to dull the blow of a paintball.  Overall though you can't beat a chest protector or paintball body armor to also use to attach gear to.  You can also get hurt by pulling, spraining or straining a muscle; it's a great idea to thoroughly stretch and warm-up properly before each time you play.  If you play paintball regularly, invest in good paintball equipment and treat your body like you're an athlete.... eat properly and make sure you've visited a good chiropractor to tune up your spine and joints once in a while.  Overall though, as long as you're wearing a mask and are reasonably careful when you move, paintball is not a harmful sport; you cannot get hurt playing paintball.  Injuries, however occur in every sport.

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