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How Does Your Team Practice?

We like to go out to the Team Leader's father-in-law's house and practice tactical paintball games out in the woods.  We like to give our team members different ranks like they do in the military; everyone on the Midwest Assassins paintball team has an important job to do.  This goes for specific tactical paintball manuevers on the field and helping run the actual team.  The last few practices we have been doing ranks against non-ranks.  The non-ranks learn from the ranks as they are more of the rookie/newbie paintball players. Sometimes though the ranks even learn from the non-ranks.  When we practice in the woods, we like to hide in the trees and brush and use them as bunkers.  We also have open field practice and train both scenario games and strategies as well as competition drills. This is where we like the newbies to start.  We also like to put the higher ranks up against the new people and just see how the new guys do. We evaluate how they move, how fast they are and how much they shoot.  This way we can figure out what position on the team would be best for them and how they can be the most useful on the team.  When people are new, they tend to just waste the paintballs; but as you get a lot better, your shots count a lot more because your aim is better and you waste less.
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