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I'm Interested in Sniping.....

I'm very impressed with the collection of sniper paintball guns on your website, but I'm new to paintball.  I was a sniper for the police department from 1984 - 1997; retired but now I just want to have fun.  The T68 is a great looking rifle but how well does it react?  What's the distance I can get with a calm day?

The T68 models are some of the most realistic military replica paintball markers on the market right now; there are many snipers in this line as well. The T68 is magazine fed and also has an option called the 'SplitFire' that offers both magazine and hopper feed.  They also offer the option of a 'Flexi-air' buttstock system; this allows you to carry the gun's air tank inside the buttstock, making your tactical marker look that much more realistic.  One thing you should realize about paintball markers.... most paintball guns start losing accuracy after 250-300 ft. - no matter what gun you're using. You can turn the velocity up on most guns and this helps you get a bit farther; you may also get a bit farther with a sniper but beyond this don't expect to have real precision with a paintball gun.  It's because you're shooting a round ball rather than a bullet.  Many of the sniper guns we carry have rifle scopes on them; honestly, the scopes can see much farther than the gun can shoot.  As far as the way a sniper paintball marker 'reacts'.... there are generally so many variables with the equipment itself - paintballs that are not 'fresh', warped, have moisture or react to different environmental temperatures; whether or not the barrel on your gun is rifled, etc.  Since you're not going to get anywhere near the precision with a paintball sniper gun than you would with a real sniper rifle; most players don't have much to say about how their gun reacts on a calm day.  Nevertheless, check out our collection of sniper paintball guns!

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