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The red dot scope, the greatest adversary in any woods ball player has in his arsenal.  Gives you the accuracy of a conventional scope while having the functional ability as iron sights.  A red dot scope can give you the one greatest downfall to snipers - speed.  With it you can defend your position from multiple enemies closer than for comfort with ease, and still having the function to still be able to drop opponents afar.  But if your style isn’t sniper oriented, and you’re the guy that is upfront with everything, it’s still a great piece.  Without having to crane your neck low and try to line up the sights, slip one eye behind the scope for a bright and easy to line up shot in a fraction of the time.  So when you’re on the front lines and every shot counts, take this in and never get eliminated when you get the drop on someone.

Also, the aesthetic value alone is a major contributor in a paintball tournament.  If you have an old beat up Tippmann, slap a nice and fresh red dot on it and have opponents shaking in their boots at the sight it.  Depending on the model of marker you have, a red dot can not only make your marker look good but make it a menace on the field. Unlike clumsy lasers, which are viewable from anyone’s perspective and give away your perspective, the red dot’s laser stops at the second glass of the scope, stopping any light from escaping, thus making you a hidden pest.  Send paintballs on their way to make opponents think twice on whether they can make it to the next tree.

All in all, the red dot scope can up anyone’s game, great for rookies who aren’t used to having to aim and shoot all in one second.  Also great for the experienced player who wants to put a few more opponents in the dead box, the red dot scope is a great addition. 

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