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Gift Certificates

Tips On Getting Sponsored....

ChoicePaintballGuns is sponoring our team, The Midwest Assassins.... 
If you want a good sponsor, the hard part is coming up with a nice team resume...and remember, your sponsorship is a business relationship - you need to give a little to recieve a little.  You need to be totally honest and don't just ask your sponsors for free stuff; this is something you work up to.  If you tell your sponsor your team is going to be competing, you'd better be honest and show up to the competition, get pictures, promote your sponsor and place well in the meet.  Support your sponsor by outfitting your team with their equipment; you need to buy stuff from them and then totally promote them at fields and tournaments.  Check out these awesome paintball rifles we got from our sponsor,; I've got a Tippmann A5 Carbine tactical paintball gun and my teammate has a Tippmann Alpha Black with an M4 barrel kit.

Everyone on our team has to pull their own weight too.  In the past, we've had people on our team that just wanted freebies from our sponsors so we threw them out.  Everyone on our team has to earn it and the stuff we do get from our sponsors stays within the team - no one gets to keep it.  So if you want a good sponsor - develop a nice looking team resume, and then promote the heck out of them!
Midwesst Assassins Team
~Travis Captain~

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