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Alpha Black Tactical Marker

The Alpha Black has already broken record sales but get ready.... the new Alpha Black Camo Edition is going to be an even bigger hit!  It's already proving to be extremely popular so if you want one and don't want to wait, the time to buy is now!  RAP4 must've known these guns were going to be ultra-popular because they've come up with a whole bunch of different handguards, barrels, stocks, upgrade kits and just overall bad ass combinations of cool gadgets to add to this paintball marker.  Check out the Alpha Black Frostbite Sniper and the Alpha Black Tactical sniper paintball gun; these would make fine additions to any sniper's quiver of sleek, sneaky paintball death machines.  The Alpha Black M16 marker is also a great looking piece of equipment.  Wait until you see all the recent upgrades for this gun too.... you can't have a machine gun without an electronic trigger (of course they sell one at  There is also a new 45 degree swivel bipod that will attach to the Alpha Black that's very innovative and definitely going to be part of my personal collection.  If you're looking for cool mounts to add scopes or lasers to, this gun has got it.  The best thing about all the Alpha Black's new accessories are all the different handguards/barrel kits; the M4 barrel kit and the RIS barrel Kit are a couple to definitely check out.

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