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When you get hit during a paintball game, you should immediately call out "HIT!" in a loud voice and continue to do so while putting your BBD (barrel blocking device) on the end of your paintball gun. Leave the field by the safest direct route while continuing to call out your status as a dead player. If you are in an area that is taking heavy fire - such as a paintball bunker with other players or in your base while it's under heavy assault - get your paintball marker up as high as possible and get out of the way fast! Do not talk, hand equipment or ammunition to your teammates and do not continue to participate in radio chatter about on-field events. You are DEAD and dead men can no longer help their team. If you are holding a mission card and you have teammates nearby who were on the same mission as you, you MAY hand the mission card to one of them so that they may complete the mission.  Proceed to the hospital zone to await the next insertion time, or to the staging area to reload on fluids, ammo & air/CO2 cartridges.

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