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Airbrushed artwork for state of the art paintball masks… A company called ‘Save Phace’ has developed a new, incredibly sleek design line of protective face equipment for your paintball game.  The lenses also have a military grade anti-fog, anti-scratch, UV coating that’s retained even after extended water emersion or repeated cleaning.  They also have an interchangable foam inside and some models come with a soft protective bag to protect the mask's lenses.  Most of the Save Phace Masks are airbrushed by hand and are painted to look like awesome skulls, faces and different camouflage patterns.  These masks are also the first to offer a customized paint job; for an extra charge, you can have your mask painted with any logo or picture you can find.  The prices of these unique, hi-tech paintball goggles are also surprisingly affordable.  Of course custom work can get pricy depending on what you want done, but even the lower end Save Phace Masks are nice looking and have sweet graphics.

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