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As you get more addicted to paintball, sometimes it becomes tough trying fit it all in.  Keeping your grades up while playing paintball is a hard thing to do.  Especially if you're playing other sports (along with paintball), you need to find time to get your school work done and still be able to play.  You'll have to manage your time wisely while playing paintball during the school year.  School has to stay the main priority, so if your grades start dropping the parents start saying 'no' to paintball until your grades are up.  Knowing this, I like to try and stay after school some everyday to try and study and get my homework done; save some time for yourself to be able to study at school.  The last thing you want is not being able to play because you failed your last math test.  You have to try your best to do good in both school and paintball.  Getting a good job in the future is very important (more important than paintball), so dont blow off studying for an exam to go play with your friends.  I'm not saying give up on paintball or anything like that; just keep your grades up during the season and try to make time for both school work and paintball.
Mike Morton, Team Trinity

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