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Shooting Tips
Here' a few tips for aiming and shooting your
paintball gun that should yield great returns on the paintball field..... When you are behind a bunker, or tree, or some type of cover and locked into a shooting battle, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances.  First you have to remember that your opponent is just as scared as you are, and in the same position as you.  Make sure you know where the enemy is at all times!  If you lose track of where he is, then it could be the end of you.  Then, choose a style of shooting you would like..... try this tactic that most pro's use, called snap shooting.  To do this, pop your head and gun out just enough to get a couple shots off.   Do not pop out of the same spot every time.  Pop out and shoot from a standing position, then wait, duck and pop out shooting from a crouching position, and alternate this pattern of positioning (standing, then crouching, then standing and so on); this way the enemy won't be able to time it right to hit you.  The idea is to keep them guessing.  The best way is to only shoot 3 to 5 shots or less at a time (otherwise it's a waste of paint).  Try using the 3-round burst selection if your paintball marker has an electronic trigger.  Happy shooting boys!
Matt Kresch, team trinity
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