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Keeping the game fun is the most important thing to do while playing paintball.  Paintball is, and should always be about kids (and adults) having fun.  Sometimes people will try to cheat, by wiping paint, ramping over the limit, increasing the velocity of their paintball gun higher than the 'legal limit' or using illegal paintballs.  These things not only take away fun, but can even make it dangerous to other players.  Some people complain about the rules or try to get one over on the refs and that just makes the game stressful.  Remember that there are other people playing and that you have to be respectful of other players by being a good sport; it's fun to win, but it's also fun just to play (and someone else win).  Every paintballer knows how ugly a game can get if it's not played by the rules.  So remember.... play by the rules, be safe, relax, and just have fun.
Matt Kresch, Team Trinity

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