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When you first step onto a paintball field, you will find there will be different levels of players.  Don't get discouraged when you're a white belt with paintball!  You've got to start somewhere; here are a few tips to make things a little easier and know what to expect....

   Learn by playing.  The key to elevating your skill level comes through playing and practicing.  Reading up about the game and going through practice drills are mandatory, but nothing beats getting out there and playing the game.  Play against people of all skill and experience levels; this means people that are better than you are.  It sounds strange but it's important to fail.  If you keep lighting up the first time players and playing the easy games, you may be having fun but not getting better.  Challenge yourself by playing against better, more experienced players, and then take the time to learn what you did wrong, and what mistakes to avoid in the future.  Talk to the experienced players and quiz them for play strategies and what kind of paintball gear they use.

  • Wear dark or camouflage clothing on the field, avoid an all white uniform. Dark or camouflage clothing is especially important for recreational, scenario or tactical paintball.  White clothing is easy to spot and can get you knocked out of the game early.  If you're wearing camouflage clothing, make sure your pants and shirt match; sometimes a mismatch of camo patterns make you easier to spot. 
  • Experiment playing all the different positions on the field.  Take a chance and try a different position on the field the next time you play.  Play offensive and defensive positions in alternate games to practice your skills at both.  By playing all positions on the field, you will be able to see the game as a whole and really understand the importance of each position.  It will also help you learn paintball strategy and better communication skills between players.
  • While fast shooting and high levels of competition are generally encouraged, don't forget that you are playing the game for fun.  The primary purpose of the day is to have fun, to feel like you had a good time at the end.  Above all, play the game for the fun of it.
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