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Speedball Strategies

Here's a couple of tips about how to play speedball.  These are great things to know if you're just starting to play this fast-paced game.....
Tip #1: Keep moving. A good speedball player should always be moving from bunker
 to bunker, especially when the opposing team does not have a clear view of you doing so.
The primary objective of this technique is to attempt to trick the opposing players. If someone thinks that you are still in "bunker
 A", they will keep an eye out at "bunker A", and try to keep the player that he thinks is there.  However, if you are at "bunker B", you know your opponent's location, but the opponent has no idea where you are.  While the opponent is attempting to keep an eye or fire upon "bunker A", you can easily attempt to eliminate him without him shooting back at you (until he finds out where you are, that is).

Tip #2: Communicate with your teammates.  Communication is one of the key and probably the most important factors in speedball.  Always talk to your teammates.  Your teammates should be extra eyes for you, so you can get a better understanding of what is happening on the field.  Teammates must always communicate to be successful in a game of speedball.  Eliminations of opposing team members or your team members will affect you.  Ask which players are being eliminated, and make sure to alert your team when a fellow player or an opposing player has been eliminated.  If an opposing player in front of you has been eliminated and you do not know of it, you may not advance to a better bunker, that you normally would move to if it were safe.  If your teammate who is guarding your right flank is eliminated, and you do not know it, the opposing team may move down that flank without your knowledge and easily eliminate you.  By knowing where all the opposing players are located on the field, you can avoid being shot unexpectedly, and know where you can advance to gain a better position on the field.

Tip #3: Stay in one bunker.  Do not go out into the open for long periods of time.  One of the key concepts of speedball is the presence of bunkers, which hide the player's body from being shot.  Use bunkers at your advantage, and stay at one or another.  Going out into the open for a long period of time is one of the worst things a speedball player can do.  Speedball is a fast paced game, and unlike in a dense forest, it will be easy for the opposing team to spot and tag you.  The only times you want to stay out in the open is when you are moving between different bunkers.  Although I advise to usually stay in bunkers, do not be afraid to run to other bunkers.  Many new players are afraid to move from bunker to bunker. The chances are, when you are running to a bunker, you most likely will not be hit, contrary to how it may look.  When you do move from bunker to bunker, however, I would highly recommend running or if moving up, possibly crouching and slowly walking forward.  Have your team practice covering each other and learn to make your way down the field in coordinated steps.  Also make sure you use a fast paintball marker; one that's made specifically for speedball; like a Proto Matrix, Spyder, Dye or Angel.  Also consider using an electronic loader like a Pinokio or Halo B.


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