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Tippmann 98 Platinum Series

The Platinum Series is Tippmann's ultimate interpretation of the Model 98 design.  Every part of this paintball marker was looked at when Tippmann engineers went about the task of improving the 98 design.  Among the changes made were simplifying field stripping of the marker by adding a cut in the left side of the die-cast receiver so that you don't have to completely split the marker in half to service the hammer or install upgrades like an electronic trigger.  This alone is a major improvement over previous Custom 98's, since all too often when splitting the receiver, the front sight spring or ball detent would get lost or out of position.  Removing 5 screws gives the player full access to the gripframe and hammer.  Reassembly is greatly simplified as well, since you don't have to juggle the marker's internals around while making sure the detent and front site spring stay in place. 

Out of the box, the Platinum series comes with a hopper and the stock barrel, which is 8.5"  long and has a much improved internal finish over earlier 98 stock barrels.  Tippmann uses a stone honing process on their stock barrels now, which accounts for the improved internal finish.  All that's required to go out and play is a CO2 bottle/HPA bottle, paint and a mask.  With the marker's short barrel, long body setup, it has a distinctive tommy gun feel, especially when firing from the hip.  In stock configuration, the stock non-motorized hopper is more than adequate to keep up with the single mechanical trigger.  For this review we tested the marker as stock, but with the addition of either an RT or Electronic trigger, stepping up to a motorized or force-feed hopper would be necessary.  In the Scenario world, the Tippmann name is revered for the rock-solid reliability and upgradeability that players want.  With the Custom 98 Platinum Series, Tippmann took the already legendary reliability and upgradability of the 98 to the next level.  For those wanting the easiest path to upgrade and play with a reliable marker, the Platinum Series is where it's at.

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