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Caring For Your Goggles

Here's how to best take care of your paintball gogglesHere is what you will need:
-Toilet paper
-Ultrasoft lense cleaning cloth
-bottle of Plexus lens cleaner
-SalClear Anti-Fog Spray and Cleansing Solution

Prior to playing paintball, follow these directions to insure a clean and fog free paintball mask:

Clean your mask’s lens inside and out with Plexus lens cleaner or SalClear Anti-Fog Spray.  A little goes a long way so spray the cleaner conservatively.  There’s no need to over spray and throw valuable paintball money down the drain.  Now with your Ultrasoft lens cleaning cloth gently wipe the lens until its dry and streak free.  You may need to do this for a minute or two periodically turning the cloth to a dry spot.  Your paintball mask should be crystal clear and streak free.  If you cannot get a hold of Plexus, then the next best solution should be a 50/50 mix of water and alcohol.  Plexus is what we recommend for true clarity of your lens as water and alcohol may leave streaks.

Now apply a coat of Anti-Fog Spray to the inside of your lens.  Apply the SalClear as if you were “painting” a thin layer onto the inside of your paintball mask.  Don't wipe it dry.  It will dry crystal clear and may last well over a 4 hours, depending on your level of perspiration.  The SalClear can also be used as your cleaning solution; it's a great two in one cleaner/anti-fog spray and you can find it on our site.

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