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Choice Paintball Guns BBB Business Review

SAFETY, the one thing all paintballers should keep in mind while playing. Whether it's woodsball or speedball, all players on the paintball field should know, no matter what - be safe! Its great to have fun running around, jumping, sliding, twisting, etc. but it's not fun getting hurt by making a stupid mistake. If you know you won't be able to do something then don't do it, don't do something thinking, "Hey I think I can make it over that", and then end up breaking your leg. The point of paintball is to have fun, the last thing a player wants is to not play for a couple of months because of a broken bone. I've seen players get hurt pretty bad and when you see things like that, you remember in the back of your head not to try what they did. So remember, when your out on the field, Know what your capable of and be safe, no one can say that enough. And don't forget your goggles!
Mike Morton, Team Trinity

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