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Gift Certificates

Starting a Paintball Field

  If you have some land and want to turn it into a paintball field, you will need certain equipment to get started.  After you have already checked with your city ordanances/town rules to make sure you are allowed to have Paintball Guns something like this, you will also need a business license. 

   The way you will make money is by renting out paintball guns, paintballs, packages, CO2, paintball gear upgrades or memberships to your field.  Paintball equipment you will want are as follows:
 - you can get great package deals when you buy 10+ Tippmann 98, Tippmann A5 or Spyder paintball guns from ChoicePaintballGuns.  You may also want to look into buying multiple packages at a time; these guns also come in beginner packages that include the gun, paintball mask, CO2 tank and hopper.  If you have to buy this other equipment anyway, sometimes these paintball gun packages are the way to go.
Bulk CO2 Tanks/Refill Station - to sell/rent CO2 tanks to use with your rental paintball markers, you will need a refill station so you can keep re-using your CO2 tanks.  You can purchase bulk tanks from Oxygen supply places.  You can also get complete refill station packages from  This will be the largest purchase you make for your field.  You will need bulk CO2 tanks (to refill your rental tanks) and air compressor and all the attachments.
Paintballs - you will want to buy paintball in bulk and you can usually get a deal on a huge amount.  You may even want to get a quote on a whole palate.  Generally the larger the amount you buy, the better the deal you can get and thus the more money you can make on resale.  You can get different grades and charge different amounts for them.
Tactical Vests, Armor, Helmets & Protective Gear - these are optional but you may want to buy them in bulk for a better deal and rent them out or make them manadatory to play on your field.  Your state/town may have certain regulations you must follow regarding safety equipment and these may not be an option if this is the case.

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