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Many paintballers prefer speedball while others prefer woodsball; these are the two ways to play paintball. There are pros and cons of each game.  There are many differences between the two such as how long their played, the amount of paint used, and the amount of air used.  Speedball is a very fast paced game, and takes around 10 minutes tops; while a woodsball game could take from 30 minutes to several hours or more.  Woodsball has also been expanded into something called 'Tactical Scenario Paintball' which are basically large scale war re-enactments using paintball guns.  In woodsball however, less paint is generally used (depending on how trigger happy you are!).  Speedball uses much more paint, because you have players using competition paintball markers that have much faster firing rates than most woodsball guns.  There is also a big difference between how much air is used.  Speedball players get around 1 to 2 games with a full air tank, while woodsball players can play up to 3 or even 4 games without having to fill up their tank.  Some paintballers prefer one style of play over the other; I myself love and play both!
Mike Morton, Team Trinity

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