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A few months ago my team, Spherical Glory, reunited after being away from paintball for a few years. When we last played some of us were just 15 or 16, and I know that I personally played timidly.  We had to rely on our parents for transportation and money to play, which eventually led to our downfall.  We did go out on a high note, winning our last tournament but after that it seemed to be too much of a hassle to play.  I finally started playing again for the first time two months ago, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with myself. I found myself doing a beautiful run-through for two kills in the second game I played that night. Two games later, I was able to take a perfect route up the middle, cut right, and dive over the snake to bunker an opponent that had just dove into snake 1. These were plays that I never would have made before. I know that a lot of kids get into the sport around age 13-15 and it’s a great, exciting game to play. I’m glad that now I have my prior experience and can put it together with my new, more-mature style of play. I kept my gun skill and have been able to couple it with a better mind for the sport. I recruited some “more-seasoned” players this time around and we’re looking good for some indoor competitions this winter, as well as preparing for the upcoming season. We're enthusiastic and can't wait to play.  We've started looking for sponsors, one of them being ChoicePaintballGuns! – Mike, Spherical Glory Paintball Team

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