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Gift Certificates

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Paintball Team Sponsorship

If you're a paintball team looking for sponsorship, approach potential sponsors carefully.  There's a lot more to it than just trying to score free paintball gear.  You'll do better with sponsorships if you realize that you're entering into a business relationship with a company.  A sponsor might provide you with free or discounted paintball supplies; paintball guns, CO2 cartridges, paintball masks, jerseys, paintball bunkers or paintballs.  They might even offer to pay for entries into paintball competitions.  In turn, they want you to promote thier company in tournaments, maybe help them with their website, but mostly, they want your business!  There are a few large companys/brand names who sponsor the top paintball teams and sell paintball gear used by these teams.  Most of the companys who you will be dealing with are small and need/want your business.  They are glad to give discounts for volume purchases and free paintball supplies to regular buyers.  The best strategy is to show your level of interest by becoming a regular customer to a paintball store FIRST; then ask them for sponsorship.  Your chances of approval will be much higher!

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