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Bunkering is a move for more experienced players.  It can be trouble for less experienced players, because there are so many things that can go wrong.  To be successful with bunkering, the player needs to be able to mix things up with little warning.  When a player is bunkering his opponent, he charges straight at a bunker that is occupied by an opposing player, shooting as he goes.  The opposing player ducks behind the bunker to avoid getting hit by your shots and you get a chance to run closer to him without him aiming at you.  This does, however put you out in the open charging straight at enemy lines - open for other players to nail you; this is why it's so important to be able to make critical decisions in a moment's notice.  Often the player executing the bunkering maneuver is the front player of the team and will be bunkering either the back or midfield player of the opposing team.  This move usually isn't used until late in the game.  It is very popular though when your team is down on points and time.  Occasionally, there are instances when you are well covered and you have an easy run to your target.... do it and don't hold back!

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