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.43 Cal Paintball Pistols Outlawed in Canada

We can't figure out why Canadian Customs has put a ban on .43 caliber paintball pistols.  They do allow paintball in Canada, however cusoms can be tricky to send guns through.  Oddly, they won't bother with .68 caliber paintball guns, however sometimes they will stop your package and charge you a hefty tax.  This is unpredictable and dangerous for the customer as we have no way of knowing when this will happen.  However, if you've bought a .43 caliber paintball pistol and it's stopped at the border, you might as well kiss it goodbye.  Sometimes they will send your .43 caliber paintball pistol back to the store; but your best bet is to stay with .68 caliber paintball guns if you live in Canada.  .43 caliber paintball pistols are: P99 (Walther PPK replica), RAMX50, and RAM Combat pistol.  Safe paintball pistols (.68 caliber) to ship to Canada are: T68 Pistol, T68 Firestorm, and Tiberius Arms pistols.  Remember that to a customs official, a .68 caliber pistol looks the same as a .43 caliber and even if you chose a .68 caliber, you can gaurantee it will be tampered with and maybe even dismantled by the Canadian border cops - on their hunt for a .43 caliber no-no.  It doesn't make sense but it's something we're just going to have to deal with.

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