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Join A Team - It's More Fun!

   Why join a team?  Because it's much more fun!  There's no doubt about it team players get more kills, get killed less and hang more flags.  Always.  Here's how coordinated teams spank walk-on players:
-Tight tactics such as suppressive fire, flanking and leap-frogging.
-Constant communication and leadership that laser-focuses the team's striking power.
-Slick game plans that provide each player a clear objective.
-Specialized paintball positions with specialized objectives.
Ah, but here's the rub. Paintball players are maniac individualists and they don't do well in a structured environment. Many players would rather just run around doing their own thing than play a team game (and they don't usually notice that all that individuality and self-expression is getting them seriously beat up).
  Here's a secret, though: playing team ball ends up being tons more fun. Hanging out with the dudes is one of the best parts of paintball. And, if you're going to hang out with the dudes, then you might as well kick ass on the field.
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