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When playing "snake", it is very common that you would crawl on your one hand and knees from one end to the other; this is a very good strategy but there is one cruecial error with it, almost everyone who crawls like such uses their palm, wich is of course the most confortable and instinctive way to do it, but DON'T.  I'm telling you now, if you do you're risking seriously hyper-extending something in your arm or wrist, and that's not fun at all.  Instead of crawling like that, on your knees, hold your gun with one hand, and put your other arm down so that you're crawling on your forearm and knees, kind of like an elevated-ass-single-armed-army-crawl.  If you find it more comfortable you can also cradle your gun in your arms and use both forearms/knees to crawl, being just an elevated-ass army crawl lol. There are some people who instead of using their palm, they use their fist and crawl sort of like a one-handed gorilla, which isn't any better than using your palm because it's just too easy to roll over on your own wrist, and seriously injure it.  Please take my advice for your own safety!
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