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There was this one day I spent at Liberty Paintball-NY with two of my teammates, Paul Damiano and Brendan Smith.  During this one woodsball match in a game called “Crypt,” I was almost certain that I heard and saw a flashbang grenade go off on the opposite side of the field.  It made an extraordinarily shiny white flash, along with a loud bang sort of sound.  There was a staff member reffing the game who was standing a couple bunkers’ length away from me who immediately began freaking out and then ran through the crossfire of the two teams to get over to the other side of the field and find out if a flashbang actually just went off. 

Flashbangs are grenades meant to stun and disorient their victims by using a flash or bright light and loud blast.  Although this firecracker-like explosive sounds very dangerous, it does not contain any incendiaries or shrapnel, so it is not deadly and will not hurt you if you're nearby.  The main point of a flashbang grenade is to temporarily deafen and blind the enemy, so consequently, they are almost completely banned from the sport of competitive paintball, in the woods, and in speedball courses.

The ref began to yell at all of the players, standing aside their bunkers.  I am pretty sure that he got shot many times while trying to find the player to give the boot to.  I never saw anyone actually get kicked out after that game, so I am not actually sure that I truly experienced the detonation of a flashbang grenade, yet it was still a very interesting occurrence for me.  Just the idea of getting deafened or blinded by a real flashbang in paintball petrifies me with fear and I'm glad they don't allow them.  Paintball grenades are one thing, but let's keep it with paint only!
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