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At my camp, probably the most challenging gamestyle that I have experienced was playing “Zombies.”  As you might have noticed by now from watching horror and action movies, a zombie stereotype has been passed around over the years that the only way to fully exterminate the walking dead is by a shot to the head, eliminating the brain, the common life-line of a zombie.  This idea is converted into a paintball variation in Zombies, meaning that the only way to take out a zombie is by a headshot, which can be extremely difficult if the zombie knows what he/she is doing.  Now, you might be asking yourself as of now where you will get a zombie that will participate in a game of paintball.  The answer is simple: one of your closest friends will simply take on the role of the forsaken.  This game does not require the zombie to wear anything unique to point help the “humans” point him/her out from the rest of the armed crowd.

Zombies will still be able to use guns and play like a normal opposition would in a classic game of paintball.  In this version of paintball, however, whenever the “zombies” get a paintball to break on an opponent, that opponent will go out for a preset amount of time, and then come in near the original zombie to fight at his/her side.  Since the zombies need to experience a headshot in order to get out, once they stack up on a couple of players to spare, they can simply stand around and ignore the use of bunkers when they are far from their prey, they can progress through the field aggressively, and even charge at their enemies with one or two of their teammates generously handing them some cover-fire.  Being on the other end, however, all you got to focus on is hiding your inaccurate players from the initial zombie while a couple of your best marksmen get close and demolish the threat that stands before them before it grows from other players getting shot.  This way, the zombie will have a challenging time recruiting others for his team.  It would also be helpful if the backmen gave cover-fire almost the entire time, especially considering the fact that the game should only last a few minutes at most if this plan is successful.

Playing “Zombies” is super fun although, as they say, “The more, the merrier” really applies to this game type, let alone almost any game type of paintball.  So try mixing things up between using a speedball course or a vast forest, or maybe have the zombies wear tattered clothes to increase the role-play intensity.  Well, whatever you do, make the best of it, for this kind of game can really “make your day!”

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