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Great Scenario Gear

If you like to play woodsball, then you want your 'scenario' to be as real as possible.  For this to happen you're going to want certain paintball gear so your experience isn't lacking.  Really the better your equipment, the more fun you're going to have.  Considering this, here's a short list of awesome 'must have' equipment for your next tactical paintball game:
Tactical Paintball Marker - Tippmann 98, Tippmann A5, Tippmann X7 Phenom are all sweet, sturdy and readily upgradeable tactical markers.  The 468 is also a great looking gun but their a bit more temperamental.
Fast Loader/Hopper - use the Pinokio hopper for the extra storage the additional section gives you (allows you to carry 400 paintballs) and it's also very fast.  Spyder Fasta and Halo B are also great electronic loaders and reasonably priced.
Tactical Helmet - definitely use a military/police helmet but if you're serious about your tactical get-up, get an eye-tactical helmet with mask & drape
Tactical Rifled Barrel - these are the latest craze with tactical markers; these paintball barrels will add a bit more distance and accuracy to your shot.
Flexi-Air System - you get this with a flexi-air buttstock to add to your paintball marker.  This will re-route your gun's air so you can hide your CO2/HPA inside your buttstock or put the remote line on the bottom of your stock; this makes your gun much more realistic.
Tactical Vest - There are many variations of tactical paintball vests to choose from.  Get one with lots of pouches to hold your CO2 on your back, grenade pouches, pistol holster, water resevoir, map/id pouches and of course pod and magazine pouches to carry more ammo.
Paintball Goggles - nothing special here; any paintball mask will do, preferably if they will fit with your helmet should you choose to wear one.  Check out the new Hawkeye goggles; they're the newest and best.

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