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Operation Charlie Delta

Here is a fun example of a scenario paintball mission that you can play with a huge group of people or just with your paintball team.  If your just with your own team, get one or two players and they will be the 'US Special Forces' team and all the rest of your team will be the 'Opposing Forces'.  Here's the situation...

Intelligence reports that Opposing Forces  are using their base camp to plan and launch attacks on U.S. forces in the area.  Interrogation of Opposing Force prisoners has revealed that sensitive, perishable information is tored on a CD and safeguarded in a satchel somewhere in the base camp.  There is also reportedly a 'phony' satchel containing false hard copy documents intended to deceive the enemy.
Your Mission.... A squad of US Special Forces will seize the target, identify and secure the satchel with the correct CD and proceed to the extraction point.
Time Limit.... 30 minutes.
Points.... You get 3 points for retrieval of correct satchel, 2 more points for safe transfer of the satchel to intelligence Analysts waiting at the extraction point.  Additional points may be awarded for Officer capture or casualties.
Teams.... One team for the US Special Forces (1-2 players if dealing with a small group - or you can use a whole squad if you're with a big group).  The rest of the players will make up the Opposing Forces.
Props.... You will need one 'phony' satchel containing hard copy documents and one 'real' satchel containing the 'real' CD.  You will have more fun with awesome tactical paintball guns and scenario gear that's totally decked out.  Depending on how much room you have to play with, some guys really go all out and play this game at night with night-vision goggles, high-powered scopes and sneaky tactical strategies.

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