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Gift Certificates

The Authentic M79 40mm Grenade Launcher

The M79 40mm paintball grenade launcher from RAP4 is an authentic piece of artwork; it's as real as it gets and an absolute for the collector with a nose for power.  This is the same M79 style grenade launcher used during the Vietnam war.  It is made of metal with an authentic wood finish.  The bridge opens up just like the real M79 to load the shell into the chamber.  It is compatible with all paintball grenade cartridges.  You can use either the M203 paintball grenade (takes .43 caliber paintballs) or the M68 paintball grenade (takes .68 caliber paintballs).  Your paintball grenades will need to be charged for them to fire; paintball grenade launchers do not have their own CO2 cartridge/cylinder - it's the paintball grenade that holds the charge.  To charge your paintball grenade, you will need a charger; check out the AG1 grenade charger.  You can purchase all these awesome paintball supplies at

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