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Gift Certificates

Empire is a known paintball company for the reason that they sell the best gear in the game. One of those many pieces of gear is the Empire E-Vents Mask; this mask according to many other paintball players is one of the most if not the most comfortable masks in the game of paintball. I kind of agree with them, because after looking at what it has to offer mask wise, it looks pretty promising.

Empire has been a dominant name in the game of paintball ever since they have joined the industry. They have made spectacular markers, masks, and other great paintball gear. This great gear includes the Empire Axe Paintball Marker, of course the Empire E-Vents Paintball Mask, and much more! Needless to say, Empire has made one of the best names for themselves in paintball and producing and distributing this mask makes it even better.

The Empire E-Vents paintball mask is one of the best masks in the game of paintball for many reasons. Such as, that it is a one size fits all mask with an adjustable goggle strap, and it is very light weight which makes you much more elusive on the paintball field. Another great reason this mask dominates the game of paintball so much is that it has a great ventilation system that makes it so that fog problems are basically non-existent. One last reason this was one of the best masks in paintball is that it’s price is very fair, for a mask of this caliber the price is just unbelievable!

I would definitely recommend buying this paintball mask; it is a great piece of gear that any type of paintball player can enjoy. It doesn’t matter if you are a good paintball player who is on a division 1 or division 2 team or if you are a hobby baller who plays every few weekends this is a piece of gear any paintball player could enjoy.
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