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Gift Certificates

We are Team Trinity! 
We are a 3-man woodsball/scenario team.  We have been to Invasion Normandy at Skirmish USA 4 times and are also going this summer.  We are also interested in speedball tournaments but have yet to be involved in this type of competition.  We plan on getting our name out there and expanding our team to more new and experienced players.  We want to play for as long as we can and we feel being on a team that is sponsored and involved in competitions would help motivate us and keep us goal oriented.  Our main priorities are to represent our team and our sponsors in a sportsman-like way, promote paintball in a positive light and bring new energy to the sport.  We practice/play on our own in a large patch of woods near my house we've set up with
bunkers and obsticles; we've even set up a target range to practice on.
So far, our team roster is the following:
Matt Kresch - Captain - assualt/support team -
Smart Parts Ion.
Mike Morton - assualt/support team -
Planet Eclipse ETek 2 and Tactical Alpha Black (Camo edition).
Justin Edelbach - Base of Fire team -
Tippmann 98 custom.
We have all been playing paintball for 5-6 years and are happy to say we are now sponsored by!

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