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Ok, so we all know that paintball fields have restrictions on certain paints.  Why are these paints restricted?  There are multiple reasons.  The most common and a major reason that paint is on the banned list of your field is the paint is probably oil based.  As paintball has progressed, we have experimented and found out water based paint is much better to shoot off.  Not only do oil based paints destroy/stain the fields property, they do the same to players' gear and skin.  Oil based paint is horrible for your gun.  If you chop your paint in your gun, it is like sticking peanut butter inside your gun. The paint gets all pasty and it is just a mess. So, to lengthen the life of your gun, use water based paintballs.  You won't regret it.  Not only is the water based paint better for your environment, equipment, and other people, but the paint costs the same if not less.

Second reason for the paint being banned, the paint is what we call "Walmart Paint". Now, walmart paint is the cheapest made paint out there.  The paint in walmart, is pretty much all oil based paints.  Also, paint bought from an everyday store, such as walmart or dicks, tends to sit in the factory or on the stores shelves for a long time.  When the paint has been sitting on the shelves they tend to dry up and harden.  When they dry out, the paintball just doesn't break or even shoot the way you want it to.  Store-brand or low grade paints are just a disaster for your gun.  So the field prevents these paints to save you, and and the other players from damaged equipment.

Third.  The paintball fields don't want shells of paintballs from months ago on their fields.  Paints that they ban usually do not get decomposed.  They make paintballs that get decomposed so that you don't have to walk around and pick up the shells to have a nice looking field.  The other reason they ban the paints, for the fields sake, is the oil based, or nearly any red filled paintballs, stain their walls, wood, tubes, and bunkers.  If you think fields look crappy, it's because people mess up all the equipment with their oil based paint.  Fields don't want to keep buying nice stuff for you to mess up.

Want a fourth reason that the fields ban your "Craptastic" paint?  The paint is horrible for you.  The paint will turn your gun into a useless piece of colored metals.  If it jams in your gun, it's a sticky mess.  Cleaning it is a giant pain.  The oil based paint is thick and will dry in your gun relatively fast.  When the paint drys in your gun it becomes even harder to clean out.  When you mess it up like this you wear out parts in your paintball gun. 

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