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Choice Paintball Guns BBB Business Review

A lot of paintball players like to upgrade their guns to automatic triggers so that they can become almost unstoppable on the field.  Electronic triggers allow your paintball gun to be fully automatic allowing it's users to put out an extremely consistent stream of paintballs. But I like to think that it only takes 1 shot to get a player out.  My dad used to play on a semi-pro team, and he always told me to choose accuracy over volume on the paintball field.  While players spray at you with their automatics, all you have to do is find good cover and wait for that one perfect shot to eliminate them.  You don't need a good automatic paintball gun to be a good player.  Sometimes fully auto guns sure help a lot, but remember one main thing about paintball - "Its not about how good the marker is, its about how good the player is".
Mike Morton, Team Trinity 

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