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Scenario Paintball - The Transformation of Paintball

Paintball started off as a simple game of elimination where each player shoots at everyone else until there was only one individual left.  Well, the 'Last Man Standing' game has gradually become more complex; although this is a fun game if you just want to get out there and shoot at each other.  Now there are all sorts of senario games and props used to make things more interesting.  Some of the props that have become popular are Armored Paintball Vehicles, electronic bugs, grenade launchers, and the smokescreen.  Some scenario games now even include hundreds of players, played over several days and are designed to simulate famous real-life actual battles that have taken place.  Some of the team positions involved in these scenarios include generals, infantry units and special operations units.  The point of the scenario game is to complete your objective - which could mean any number of things depending on the mission.  Sometimes your team will have several different objectives to complete before the game is over.  With each completed objective, a point is scored for your team.  The team with the most completed objectives in the end wins.  The multiple objective games are usually played in the larger scale scenario games - the ones spanning several days to play.  Players in these games often use tactical paintball guns, camouflage clothing, grenades and paintball landmines to add to the experience.

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