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Winning paintball teams have several things in common... good tactics, practice drills, and a well conceived paintball strategy.  Having a well planned paintball strategy involves thinking a number of moves ahead, playing as a team, and having a specific game plan when confronting the enemy.  These will obviously be different for scenario and speedball games but or still must-have's to score the 'W'.  Teams that use an effective paintball strategy often know which players will go to which specific bunker first even before the game begins.  They will often have players that counter one another and have counter-offensive moves as well for whatever moves the opposing team makes.  In general, paintball strategy can be thought of as a team that has a plan for any moves that they might make on the field in any competitive situation.  Teams that are effective in this area of the game are well drilled and practice their moves, calls and communication regularly - so they're movement and actions are automatic under heat.  If they've done their homework, they're prepared for anything that's thrown at them in whichevery games they play, and they will have an answer for any obstacles they encounter.  Have a meeting with your team before practice to come up with new strategies and game plans; decide which ones you will practice and then practice them over and over again.... Soon you'll be moving like a well-oiled machine and no one will be able to beat you!
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