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Welcome To The Jungle!

Follow these general guidelines to learn how to hunt the human animal in the Paintball jungle.....
Observation- When waiting for a good shot, don't stare at your intended target.  Keep looking around.  If you are trying to ambush someone, staring at them will prevent you from seeing other things that may be going on around you and it is said that prey can often sense when a predator is watching and waiting.  Did you ever get the feeling you were being watched? Maybe there was a predator nearby.
Stealth- This covers a rather broad area.  It all comes down to being quiet, moving using the best cover available and in general being as sneaky as possible.  It also helps to use some sort of camouflage, or at least don't wear bright colors or clothing with high visibility advertisements printed on it.  If you're a sniper, consider getting a ghillie suit.
Patience- When in a position, often the prey will be too nervous to sit still for very long. This is especially true of new players.  The adrenaline is flowing, things are happening all around them and they just can't sit and do nothing.  Often you can out wait them.  They move first, you get an easy target.  Patience is the name of the game if you're into sniping.
Range. Learn your paintball gun's range.  Don't waste shots over 125 feet.  You might get lucky with a long-range shot, but you can't depend on it.  A good technique is to wait for them to come to you.  Some Hunters are true snipers.  They practice learning their maximum effective range under varying conditions and use a range card. This is a simple silhouette cut out the size of a person at maximum range.  If a person fills the same size as the cut out in the hand held card, he is in range.  Also use the right paintball equipment.  Get a sniper paintball gun (or at least one with a lengthy tactical rifled barrel) and use a paintball sight or a good mid-long range scope.
Stalking. Learn how to stalk. No, I'm not talking about harassing people by following them around.  Stalking is the art of tracking the prey until the best moment and then, when all the possible advantages are with you, taking the shot.  An exercise you can do to learn the technique is to pick out a player on the opposite paintball team and do whatever you can to eliminate that player.  This difficult task will show you how to find and plan taking the shot at the proper moment.
Teamwork- Although the ethic of the Hunter doesn't require teamwork, you would be a fool not to use it to your advantage.  Also, you may find other Hunters out there to hunt with.  Teammates and flags can be used as bait to draw out your prey.  The Hunter has little use for flags, but the teams will focus on it and it can be used as irresistible bait for an ambush.  Another successful hunting technique is to use your teammates to flush out the other team and move them toward your position.
Equipment- Any type of Paintball gun can be used by the Hunter, but the best type should be a semi or pump with good long range accuracy. The high rate of a semi comes in handy with multiple targets, but a pump has the advantage of better accuracy. Both types require some sort of sights to be used, as all shots should be well aimed. Hunting in the Paintball Jungle is exhiliarating and fun - where else do you get to hunt and shoot at other humans that's not in Afghanistan?

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