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I play paintball to stay in shape!

 I was 45 and out of shape and so my son wanted to get into paintball.  After studying much information about paintball - the game, the guns, the gear; I thought it looked cool and might be a good activity I could get involved with my son.  I found a lot of helpful information from ChoicePaintballGuns and also made our first of several purchases for paintball gear here.  We started out with a couple guns, I bought a Tippmann and my son wanted a Spyder Pilot.  We also got other start-up (but absolute) equipment; paintball goggles, CO2 tanks, hoppers and paintballs.  After we started, I got shot for the first time and realized we probably needed some more protection for our bodies, so we bought paintball chest protectors and wear them underneath a couple awesome tactical paintball vests we also got.  It turned out, this game was a bit more physical than I thought, but it was totally fun.  I have to say, both my son and I were hooked after the first game.  We practice in the woods behind our house and even frequent a paintball field that's about 30 minutes away.  We practice 2-3 times/week (and sometimes more!).  We stretch first, do some calisthenics and warm-up exercises and even work on sprints while carrying our guns.  Then we practice moves, rolls and strategies with a few other guys/kids we play with before we get started - then the fun begins!  Depending on how many guys we have, we'll play different paintball games.  I've been playing paintball now for 6 months and have to say it's helping me get in shape!

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